Our attention to detail and years of experience will make your dreams become a reality.

Over 20 years ago, Color Unlimited Painting began with the mission of bringing high-end customers in Mesquite, Texas the best solutions in the industry. When we started our company 20 years ago it was with the goal in mind of bringing high-end finishes to our clients. We wanted to give homeowners the option to be able to trust us with giving them the best quality work and to get access to quality customer service from professionals that focus on the client's needs. Our professional painters deliver updates throughout the job and we can assist with the personalized level of service that is deserving of each customer. We focus on each detail of a project and when you work with us, we make a promise that we deliver quality work at the end of your project. We want to understand your needs and then learn how we can exceed your expectations. From the moment that you start choosing finishes to the moment that we are cleaning up after your job, we want to make sure you feel comfortable with our team from the start to the finish.

Core Values

Offering Outstanding Products

This starts by maintaining manufacture relationships and regularly learning more about the way that finishes are innovating. We want to offer the best products to our customers and this means always looking for the finest quality of paint.

Offering Lifespan

The coatings that we offer need to deliver a quality lifespan. We stand behind the work that we do and we want to make sure that the finish will last you a long length of time.

Better Customer Service

We want to ensure anyone can feel comfortable with our services and with the people that we have painting. Contact us if you have any questions about our products or the services we offer.